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You don’t have to be a child to feel the wave of excitement when you enter a candy store. The nostalgia, the vibrant colors, the intoxicating sweet smell – all conspire to transport you back to simpler times. If there’s one place in West Palm Beach, Florida, that embodies this magical experience, it’s the Bulk Candy Store.

Nestled amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of Florida’s famed West Palm Beach, the Bulk Candy Store is much more than a candy shop. It’s an institution in its own right, a place where time slows down and memories sweeten with every bite.

Family-owned and run for generations, the Bulk Candy Store has been delighting candy enthusiasts since it first opened its doors. The Shenkmans, the family behind the store, have always believed in providing their customers with a wide range of sweets while preserving the charm of an old-fashioned candy store.

The moment you step into the store, you are greeted with aisles upon aisles of jars brimming with every candy imaginable. Whether you’re craving for the timeless Hershey’s chocolate bars, the traditional Jelly Belly jelly beans, or the rare and old-fashioned sweets like Necco Wafers and Bit-O-Honey, the Bulk Candy Store has it all. They are also known for their expansive selection of saltwater taffy and gummy candies, a perennial favorite among both kids and adults. The Bulk Candy Store makes their our own flavored popcorn, chocolates, fudge, and sour liquid candy.

Bulk Candy Store owner Ken, “To us, Bulk Candy Store is more than just a Shenkman family business. Every employee and customer who shares our passion for candy is part of the family, and we embrace everyone with open arms and a warm smile. Whether you order online, take a tour with us, visit us at the state fair, or stop by our retail store, we are always happy to share our sweetness with you.”

But what truly sets the Bulk Candy Store apart is its dedication to nostalgia. The Shenkmans have curated an extensive collection of retro candies that date back to the 1920s. From Candy Buttons to candy cigarettes and retro soda pops, the store is a time capsule of sweet delights. There is an unparalleled joy in discovering a long-lost favorite from childhood, and this candy wonderland makes it happen time and time again.

In addition to their in-store offerings, the Bulk Candy Store extends its sweet portfolio online, serving candy lovers across the country. They also cater to special events and occasions, with custom candy buffets that are sure to add a sugary touch to any celebration.

Despite its impressive array of candies, the Bulk Candy Store is more than just a shopping destination. It’s a hub for community events and an educational center where schoolchildren can learn about all-things-candy. With guided tours, the store is deeply committed to fostering a love for sweets while also educating visitors about the candy industry’s history and evolution.

The Bulk Candy Store has successfully combined the best of old-world charm with modern-day candy cravings. Its mesmerizing variety of candies, heartwarming nostalgia, and the inviting, friendly ambiance make it a must-visit location for anyone visiting West Palm Beach.

Beyond the dizzying array of confections, the Bulk Candy Store in West Palm Beach, Florida offers more than just a shopping experience. It takes visitors on an educational journey through the candy world, offering engaging tours that cover the rich history of candy. These guided tours allow candy enthusiasts, students, and curious visitors alike to gain hands-on knowledge about their favorite sweets, from the evolution of candy over the centuries to the fascinating science behind transforming simple ingredients into delightful confections. Whether you’re a candy lover eager to learn more about your favorite treats, or a teacher looking for a fun, educational field trip, the Bulk Candy Store is a truly sweet destination.
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This year, whether you’re a local looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, a tourist exploring the local scene, or a candy aficionado in search of a rare treat, a trip to the Bulk Candy Store will be nothing short of delightful. Here’s to the moments of joy, a trip down memory lane, and the sweet taste of nostalgia – all awaiting you at West Palm Beach’s beloved Bulk Candy Store.

Bulk Candy Store
235 N. Jog Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33413
(561) 540-1600

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