Palm Beach County History Museum

1916 West Palm Beach Courthouse

Palm Beach County History Museum
300 North Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm / Sat: 10am-4pm
Free Admission Spotlight: Jeremy Johnson of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County

palm beach county history museumIt’s almost impossible to believe that this imposing and beautiful structure in downtown West Palm Beach was completely covered by another building in 1972. Visionary heads prevailed and the outer structure was demolished, revealing the building hidden within and the Palm Beach County Courthouse was painstakingly returning it to its original glory in 2008. When the three-story neoclassical structure was built in 1916, there was no other structure in Palm Beach County that came close to its magnificence. With the exception of the Flagler Museum in neighboring Palm Beach, the same could still be said today where it is the home of the Palm Beach County History Museum.

The Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum opened to the public after the courthouse was restored in 2008. The countywide history museum enriches the lives of children and adults alike by making local Palm Beach County history accessible, interesting, and meaningful. The restored building also serves as the headquarters of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County.

Here you will find rare artifacts dating back to when wrecked Spanish galleons spilled their treasure along the Florida coast in the 16th century. The Museum contains two permanent galleries — The People Gallery and The Place Gallery — and the rotating Special Exhibit Gallery that changes annually.

Thanks to its members, the Museum remains admission-free. The Essential Guide to West Palm Beach, Florida!

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