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Default Flagler Mansion

I visited the mansion summer of 2015 with my older sister and my husband unaware of experiences already reported. As I nonchalantly moved through the ballroom I chatted away with who I thought was my sister following along on my right. My sister was dressed all in white and so was the entity accompanying me for several seconds. All of a sudden I saw something in the room I wanted to bring to my sisters attention when I noticed she was walking about 20 ft ahead of me with my husband. I immediately realized Mary had attached herself to me for as I went to speak I couldn't form any words but constantly experiencing heaves as I tried to form words. I had to quickly get myself to another room thinking she left me alone. I felt led next to the gardens right outside her bedroom and sat down on a cement bench which I thought was my own choosing. APpRently it was Mary's choice as her desperate sadness came over me and I began to sob. SHe wanted people to know that the garden was not a place of joy but where she would go and sit to ease herself of the deep sadness over the loss of her husband while so young and more importantly that he left her childless. I needed assistance in getting up from her sitting spot and my sister and husband helped me out of this very overwhelming sadness.
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